… Ready for a digital transformation

You are a specialist in your field, we are a specialist in IT. The digital world is transforming rapidly and the possibilities are becoming more and more comprehensive. Digital Disruption makes you wise and wants to improve your it infrastructure together with you.


Own infrastructure, Digital Disruption-hosted cloud or public cloud: the choice is yours. Our Hybrid Data Center solutions do not stop you in a stricted solution but just give you the freedom to choose what suits you best.


Under the influence of various trends such as cloud, mobility & globalization, the classic security trinity (anti-virus, firewall & identity) is obsolete. Check out how our security solutions tackle cyber defenses intelligently in a fast-transforming context.


In an open, connected world, you would like to take advantage of the new opportunities to organize your activities differently and better. Your users get a coherent set of safe resources that make them more productive, regardless of location, device and work / life limits.

Complex environment, complex management

Your organization runs on numerous (virtual) servers, on-premise and / or in the cloud. Numerous workstations and “Bring Your Own Devices” like smartphones … They each play sensitive data and play an important role. In addition, everything is connected, from forklifts to freezers to surveillance systems. A failure today guarantees technical unemployment and a loss that soon rises in tens of thousands of euros.

Security more important than ever

Hacking is big-business. We see more than ever attempts at break in at organizations that one would never expect. Once hacked you are a bird for the cat. A layered security is a must, because you certainly would not be the first to find cryptolockers or Wi-Fi sniffers. Hackers detect timely and have an efficient backup & recovery plan is essential. But that is not enough yet; Are you in general with GDPR? The fines are not tender!

Getting rid of your ICT already takes that weight off your shoulders and gives you strategic advantage

Your servers

Many devices clearly indicate that something will go wrong. Active monitoring shows these notifications. We take proactive action and will avoid downtime. No worries; We are always voting actions with you. In addition, you will receive a monthly (technical) report that will clearly tell you what the notifications were and what actions were taken. During our periodic health check, we arrive on the spot: Are your server racks secure and in optimal condition? (Dust, temperature server room, airflow …). In addition, you can enjoy 24/7 assistance. Even on Christmas eve our experts are available. We make every effort to help you within the agreed deadline.

On the Work floor

We join you. We are always available by telephone and also establish a permanent trust person in your organization on request. He or she is familiar with your area and continues regularly. You can always ask questions to this person. Managed Services certainly does not mean long distance relationship. If you would like to have someone on the spot for certain periods (eg 1 day a week), we even offer “engineers for rent”. Also for very long periods, you can appeal to our people through Managed Staffing.

What about the future

In addition to the regular reporting on your IT park, the health check report … there is a Level 3 Service Manager with years of experience in many similar environments that provide you with a helicopter view. Together with you, he outlines a long-term vision: how can we tailor future ICT needs to your organization’s strategy? How do we avoid recurrent problems? Our Service Manager provides strategic advice, helps you set up budgets and brings trends and ideas. He connects the dots.

How we work


Your complete privacy is our main priority, but this requires clearly agreed appointments and trust. First, we learn to know each other by means of an audit, then we provide the appropriate ICT solutions for a successful IT strategy.


Your entire ICT infrastructure and network will be thoroughly assessed. The state and extent of importance of each device are considered. Then we overlap and determine which devices we include in active monitoring.


By A License Compliance Check and SAM (Software Asset Management), we investigate whether all licenses are up to date and their useful lives. Based on the results, we determine where we can optimize and save.

Ready to kickstart your IT?