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The Eye wants something too. That’s why it’s crucial to translate the right strategy into a handsome design that matches the look and feel of your business. An Attractive design sells.

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A site visitor wants new content and features. For agencies, webshops and online media, bind and convert visitors is number one.

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threats to your organization are increasingly more complex, but so too are the IT security solutions available to mitigate them.

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We are your partner to grow your business. With a “customer to customer” market approach, we work together for constant growth throughout the year.

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Blockchain technologies, FinTech and Smart Contracts development.

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You are a specialist in your field, we are a specialist in IT. The digital world is transforming rapidly and the possibilities are becoming more and more comprehensive.

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Digital Strategy

Connect to your audience
Online marketing
Internet Of Things
Digital Transformation Strategy


Responsive webdesign
UX/UI design


E-commerce solutions

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The internet of insecure things

| Blockchain, Ethical Hacking, IoT, IT, Security, technology | No Comments
n 2016, attacks against vulnerable IoT devices featured prominently in the daily news headlines. Hundreds of thousands of IoT devices were used to build botnets and wage some of the...

Future challenges of Security Solutions

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As security evolves from the client-server to the client-cloud model we have seen a shift in the solutions being provided.  In addition, the industry has had a dearth of solutions...

Disruptive Marketing is Winning over Customers

| Business, Customer, Digital Marketing, Journey, Marketing | No Comments
Much more than just a buzzword, disruptive marketing is changing the way we react to, understand and accept companies and their advertising. From a business standpoint, disruptive marketing represents a...

20 Reasons Why People Hate Your Website

| Customer, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Mobile, Webdevelopment | No Comments

While browsing the web, we often find websites that are amazingly good or terribly bad. With some you want to stay for long and with some you want to leave…

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